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CEC Semester Twelve 2017

FPGA Programming

Louis Giokas -
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September 15,
Programming the Chip
Now that we have an algorithm developed, debugged and laid out in our design tolos we are ready to transfer that to the FPGA chip and run our algorithm there. We will also discuss the process of reprogramming the chip during operations and will discuss how that might be used.
Course Resources
Special Educational Materials
Faster Debugging Using Specialized Triggers - Rohde & Schwarz
Testing FPGA Based Hardware Emulators With Slow I/Q Signals - Rohde & Schwarz
USB Power Delivery Compliance Testing - Rohde & Schwarz
Kemet SMCDigi-KeyKemet TRS and OHD Thermal SensorsDigi-KeyKemet Expanded Product Selection GuideDigi-KeyDownload Archive (mp3 - audio only)
Louis Giokas