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Welcome to DigiKey Continuing Education Center

Accelerate your knowledge in multiple technologies with the DigiKey Continuing Education Center, presented by Design News. Explore microcontrollers, sensors, wireless, power, and lighting, all from the convenience of your lab or office. Our expert lecturers lead interactive tutorials, allowing you to engage, collaborate, and access valuable learning materials. Even if you can’t attend live, archived courses are available. Plus, IEEE will be providing Professional Development Hours (or CEU) credits for this course.

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July 22-26, 2024
Arduino Pro Primer
Instructed by: Fred Eady
Course Details

This lecture series will be an introduction to the PRO line of industrial-duty Arduino boards. I am looking at using the Portenta H7 and associated carrier board in the lecture series. This selection of hardware will allow me to take the audience from setup to using the H7 to run Arduino sketches and communicate with other devices using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc. The Portenta boards are available from Digi-Key.

August 26-30, 2024
Introduction to Build Systems and Cmake
Instructed by: Jacob Beningo
Course Details

The course would explore how to setup and build your own custom build systems. We’d start with make concepts and how to create a portable build system using Docker. From there, we’d move over to CMake and explore CMake concepts like how to build components, use testing, and bring the entire application together. We would explore the 5 types of builds developers need and what each encompasses. Attendees should walk away with the skills to create optimized builds and understand how their build system fits into automated testing frameworks like CI/CD. We would also focus on using Visual Studio Code for build system development and code integration.

September 23-27, 2024
Exploring Electronic Circuits with Breadboards, AI Circuit Analysis, and Simulators
Instructed by: Dr. Don Wilcher
Course Details

This webinar session will discuss electronic circuits like oscillators, amplifiers, switchers, drivers, and solderless breadboards through engaging hands-on lab activities. Online circuit simulators like Multisim Live and TinkerCAD circuits will allow participants to build such circuits using virtual instruments and components. An introduction and practice hands-on lab on the setup and use of Multisim Live and TinkerCAD circuits will be discussed in the webinar session. Further, ChatGPT AI will be demonstrated to the participants on circuit analyzing techniques using Google Colaboratory and Python.

October 21-25, 2024
Writing Microcontroller Drivers in Rust
Instructed by: Jacob Beningo
Course Details

The course would explore using Rust to write low-level drivers microcontroller-based systems. We’d spend some time looking at Rust as an embedded language, and then work through examples of writing a GPIO and Serial driver. We’d look at SVD files, along with peripheral access crates (PAC). The goal would be to get developers up and running from scratch on a development board and allow them to compare the code size and performance between drivers written in Rust and vendor provided drivers. We’d use either an STM32 or an NXP development board.

November 18-22, 2024
IoT Designs Using STmicro Microcontrollers
Instructed by: Fred Eady
Course Details

Following the IC shortage, STmicro has rebounded and announced a variety of new generation microcontrollers and peripherals. This lecture series would take a look at the updated ST software and hardware development tools. During the week we will design and scratch build a representative ST microcontroller-based device. We will then use our new device as a target platform for the firmware we will write to support it. The ST microcontroller project will lean heavily towards IoT and include a means of remotely accessing the microcontroller and its peripherals.

December 16-20, 2024
Understanding Industrial Controls with an ESP32
Instructed by: Dr. Don Wilcher
Course Details

Industrial Controls are depending on more sophisticated microcontrollers to process signals from electronic sensors and operate electromechanical actuators efficiently. In this webinar course, participants will learn how to implement industrial controls using the ESP32 microcontroller. Programming concepts using Micropython and OpenPLC will illustrate basic concepts in Industrial Controls, like driving motors, Proportional, Integral, Derivative (PID) Control, basic logic implementation, temperature sensing, and data logging techniques.

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Dr. Don Wilcher
Director of Manufacturing and Technology at Jefferson State Community College
Getting Hands-On with Automated Visual Inspection Concepts using AI-based Smart Cameras
Instructed by: Dr. Don Wilcher

Participants will explore Automated Visual Inspection Concepts using low-cost AI-based smart cameras. The M5Stack AI-V and Pixymon 2 devices are AI-based smart cameras. Using AI-enabled algorithms, participants will learn about object detection and training techniques with these cameras. Further, the webinar session will engage the participants in a deeper exploration of Al enable cameras using ChatGPT.

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