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Welcome to DigiKey Continuing Education Center

Accelerate your knowledge in multiple technologies with the DigiKey Continuing Education Center, presented by Design News. Explore microcontrollers, sensors, wireless, power, and lighting, all from the convenience of your lab or office. Our expert lecturers lead interactive tutorials, allowing you to engage, collaborate, and access valuable learning materials. Even if you can’t attend live, archived courses are available. Plus, earn IEEE Professional Development Hours for your participation.

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November 13-17, 2023
Embedded Controls Development using OpenPLC
Instructed by: Dr. Don Wilcher
Course Details

Traditional approaches to developing embedded controls include using C and C++ programming languages. OpenPLC introduces an open-source approach to creating embedded control applications based on the International Electrotechnical Commission’s 61131-3 Functional Programming Languages for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) standard. In this webinar series, CEC participants will learn a new approach to embedded controls development using OpenPLC. The ESP32 microcontroller will be the instructional platform used to present Functional Block Diagrams (FBDs) and Ladder Diagrams (LDs) OpenPLC embedded programming concepts.

December 11-15, 2023
Understanding Sensors and Data Analysis using the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sensor
Instructed by: Dr. Don Wilcher
Course Details

The smartphone is the most common mobile device used worldwide. Embedded sensors extend the smartphone’s capabilities by allowing the extension of connecting with electronic devices, machines, and humans. Therefore, the embedded sensors allow the user to communicate efficiently through the smartphone’s assistive and haptic technologies.

This webinar series will explore with the CEC participants the use of embedded sensors within the smartphone to aggregate physical data such as light, movement, and sound. To extend the smartphone capabilities, CEC participants will learn how to integrate the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense platform with the smartphone to aggregate physical data wirelessly. Further, a data analysis approach will be presented to CEC participants using Google Data Studio.

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Jacob Beningo
Embedded Software Consultant, Firmware Expert, Smallsat Flight Software
Agile for Embedded Developers
Instructed by: Jacob Beningo

Agile has become the de facto methodologies used by most software development teams today. Does Agile really fit though with embedded software development? In this course, we will explore the benefits and modern takes on Agile for embedded software development. Attendees will learn about how to apply modern Agile practices to their software development.

IEEE Requirements

Registrants of the DigiKey Continuing Education Center, presented by Design News, are eligible to earn IEEE Professional Development Hours by fulfilling specified requirements.